Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

Data has become an integral part of life and it’s too important to keep that data safe and secure.Data is generally saved in mobile,desktop,laptop,External hard disk,SSD,Usb flash drive or Pen drive,Cds,Dvds,memory cards,magnetic tapes and other electronic devices.


Mainly problem with data occurs when data becomes inaccessible or data is lost or data is corrupted or data is damaged or data formatted or data deleted purposely or by mistake.

It happens due to various reasons like your computer is hacked or some virus attack, failure of the operating system, accidental damage, bad sectors on hard disc, partition table or file system gets corrupted, malfunction of the device in which data is stored, logical failure of devices storing crucial data and many other such factors.

We are masters in data recovery and we do all types of data recovery. We recover data from laptop, we recover data from desktop, We recover data from internal hard drive, we recover data from external hard drives, we recover data from pen drive.

The time taken to recover data varies depending upon data size, data type, data format, condition of the device from which data to be recovered and many such other factors.

We are a leading data recovery center in Mumbai. So if you lost your data don’t panic, just call National Electronics at 02235602126 and get your data back.