Laptop is now an essential product for each and every human being. Whether someone is a student or trainee or a housewife or a salaried person or a businessman. National Electronics is one of the best laptop dealer in Mumbai.

We at National electronics understand your requirement and need and suggest you accordingly within your budget. We are dealing with some very good brands like










We must consider some basic features like screen size, ram, processor, hard disk capacity, hard disk type, the weight of the laptop, Battery quality, charging time, discharging time, keyboard structure, sound quality, USB inputs, HDMI inputs, Operating system, basic software and antivirus.

Many time it happens that people get confused between desktop and laptops.They ask us laptop is better or desktop is better?But it all depends upon usage of a person.If one has to go places with his system or one has to work at office and home then laptop is better.Some other advantages of laptop over desktop are

  • Laptops are Portable so takes less space
  • Wi-fi can be connected directly
  • Bluetooth devices can be connected
  • No need for an external keyboard and mouse
  • Can carry office anywhere
  • Inbuilt speaker and microphone
  • For repair, it can be taken to the service center
  • No VGA cable, Keyboard cable, Mouse cable entangled
  • HDMI output available
  • Inbuilt webcam for Meetings

So for any laptop inquiry feel free to call National Electronics at 02235602126