Music System Repairing and Service

Music System Repairing and Service

Music System Repairing and Service

Music is the nutrition for soul.Music takes you to a different world.According to Henry wordsworth “Music is the universal language of mankind”.All music lovers try to listen music on the best music system they can afford.But sometimes due to some problems in music system the music is interrupted.


We repair music system, amplifiers, home theatre systems, Subwoofers, Multi-channel Speaker system. The leading brands are sony music system, Onkyo music system, Yamaha music systems, Yamaha amplifier, Bose music system, Onkyo home theatre system, Wireless Bluetooth home theatre systems, Pioneer music system, Lg music system, Samsung music systems,2.1 channel home theatre.5.1 channel home theatre, JBL speakers, Soundbars.Music system with cd players, DVD players, Blue-ray DVD players, Ahuja P.A.Systems and all other types of Music systems.

The main 10 problems in music system are

  • Distorted sound
  • Sound quality not proper
  • Some speakers of the system not working
  • The bass effect in music is not proper
  • DVD player not working
  • CD player not working
  • Sound system not working on Remote
  • Sound system completely dead
  • Cd player tray not opening
  • Some error code appearing on screen

Some music systems have some unique problems like in Sony DVD player music system,We can see on display “Push power protect” so it’s a unique problem and it has to be done in a proper way.

A technician having in-depth knowledge of Electronics only can resolve this issue. Generally when a high-end music system has any problem people search for Onkyo service centre, Yamaha service centre, Sony service centre, Bose service centre, Technics service centre, Pioneer service centre.

But generally, the service centre charges are too high. Also, they take too much time for inspection, fault finding and repairing. Some time their charges are so high that it’s better to buy a new system rather than repairing. Some music systems are made in Japan and it really requires skill to diagnose the root cause and resolve this.

We are one of the best music system repair centre in Mumbai. Also, we are a trusted name for home theatre service centre in Mumbai. So if your sound system is giving any trouble just call National Electronics 02235602126 and resume your love for music.